Yorkie Snow Lover: Action Jackson

We are so over winter here in Virginia, but winter is not done with us. Monday brought 8 inches of fresh snow. Our dogs were barely interested in going out to leave their mark in the white stuff.

Our Yorkie friend Jackson embraced the day with great enthusiasm. We couldn’t resist sharing a few pictures of our favorite Yorkie snow lover: Action Jackson.

Yorkie Jackson poses in the snow

Jackson is ready for the cover of Doggie GQ

Yorkie dashing through snow

Dashing through the snow

Yorkie plowing through snow

Flying ahead of the pack


Yorkie Snow Lover: Action Jackson — 16 Comments

  1. we went out to play in the snow too! we alway say no more snow but can’t help but go outside and play when it does. but we sure are waiting for those pretty cherry blossoms! your pups are so adorable!! definitely ready for Doggie GQ!

  2. Jackson’s too adorable! He’d do great in the Winter Olympics! Look at that little guy’s paws while running, now that’s action! Lol
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!!!

  3. Hahaha awww, what a little snowbunny!! 🙂 He is too cute! Our Peekapoo, on the other hand, is totally over this Iowa winter…he lifts his paws up ridiculously high to avoid the snow, while he looks around in disgust. He’s kind of a diva 🙂

    Great photos, thanks for sharing!

  4. I love doggy snow action shots! Thank you! I think we’re done with the snow, sadly. Another round might be fun.

  5. I wish we would have got more snow than the few dustings we had. It would have been nice to have seen something worth the anticipation and anxiety of ‘Snow’ in the forecast. But nothing, I think grand total we got maybe a 1/4 in.