Small Dogs Can Do That

Yorkie runningMeet Nandi. He is not your average Yorkie. Defying small breed stereotypes, he recently earned his first AKC performance title in Coursing Ability. In lure coursing, the dog chases a mechanically operated lure, often a plastic bag. This competition was traditionally dedicated to sight hounds, but AKC now offers a pass/fail competition to all breeds.

Nandi loves the outdoors and he loves to run. One of the requirements of the competition is completing the course “with enthusiasm and without interruption within a stated maximum amount of time.” Nandi was met with skepticism as he waited his turn. He enthusiastically demonstrated that small dogs can do that too.

Learn more about AKC Performance Events, including the Coursing Ability Test. Check out Nandi’s Facebook page: Nandi.

Dog Lure Coursing

Dog running lure course

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Small Dogs Can Do That — 15 Comments

  1. Okay that’s awesome!
    I love seeing any dog at hard at work, but seeing dogs break stereotypes is even better (from something like this, to a Bernese Mountain Dog doing an agility course).

  2. That is amazing – thank you for sharing.

    PS -Glad I got through, the spam filter is such that it kept asking for passwords and not accepting.

  3. Way to go Nandi! But of course we all know Yorkie’s are natural Wonder Dogs! 🙂

  4. Oh pawsome! Yorkies are fierce little creatures. Good to see one channeling its inner hunter productively!

  5. Wow…great photos! I have been with a friend before who takes her whippet lure coursing. It is an amazing thing to see. And to see a yorkie lure coursing. Who knew!!!

  6. Amazing photos! I find small dogs to be very agile and swift. I did though at first glance think this was a Border Terrier tearing across the ground like a lightening bolt