Sago Palm Toxic to Dogs

Sago Palm is toxic to dogsThe Sago Palm is toxic to dogs. One of our online dog community members suffered a tragic loss this week after her 4-year old dog ate part of a Sago Palm seed. The entire plant is extremely toxic, but the seeds are the most lethal part of all.

Safeguard your pets and take a moment to review a list of toxic plants. Study the pictures so that you can identify these plants in your dog’s environment.

There are many common landscape and house plants in addition to the Sago Palm that are deadly to dogs. Azaleas, ivy, and philodendron, to name a few.

Sago Palms are most often found in the South and Southwest of the United States. They are also common pool and patio decorations around the country, kept in greenhouses or indoors during colder months. Sometimes they are used as Bonsai plants. Alternate names of Sago Palms include Coontie plant, Cardboard Pal, and Japanese cycad.

The toxin in the plant and concentrated in the seed causes liver failure in dogs, cats, and horses. Sadly, once the poison is ingested, the chance of survival even with immediate medical care is less than 50%. Signs of Sago Palm poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, abdominal pain and swelling, and jaundice.

Review the list of plants toxic to dogs: Pet Poison Hotline: Toxic Plants. Sago Palm seeds may look different at various stages of development. Google pictures of the seeds to familiarize yourself with them and keep your pets safe.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. Plants can be a danger and not even in our house but even on a simple walk a deadly plant could be in the area. It’s good to remember what these plants look like.