Rescue Yorkie Pickles

We have a heartwarming story to share, the story of a rescue Yorkie named Pickles. This sweet little boy, barely 6 pounds and 1 year old, was found by animal control officers wandering the streets in Northern California. His leg was injured and he needed surgery.

He was adopted by our friends and now lives the life we wish for every dog.

Rescue Yorkie named Pickles

Our friends already had a Yorkie named P-Nut and were looking to add to their family. After a few disappointing meetings between P-Nut and potential adoptees, they gave up looking. Then Pickles’ picture popped up. He had been pulled from the shelter by a rescue group.

P-Nut took to Pickles immediately. It was meant to be. P-Nut had gone through FHO surgery (femoral head ostectomy) for Legg-Calve-Perthes, the same surgery that Pickles required. Pickles was in great hands with a mom, dad, and canine brother who had already been through it.

Yorkies enjoying life

Pickles is an affectionate boy who loves to please his mom. He enjoys trips to the beach, hiking in the mountains, and boating with his brother and dad. Pickles recently celebrated his second birthday and his first year with his loving family.

Yorkies on a boat

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Rescue Yorkie Pickles — 12 Comments

  1. Pickles and P-Nut, we hope to visit you on the West Coast some day. 🙂

    • Dear Max and Teddy, we hope you do so we can go bark at stuff together!!

      <3 P & P

  2. What a heart warming story! Pickles’s so lucky to have found such loving parents. Pickles and P-nut look so adorable together. 😉