Peanut Size, Big Fun

This is our little friend, Peanut.
He may be small, but he is a Yorkie who knows how to have big fun.
He likes to chase ducks at the park.  We love his smile.

Yorkie chasing ducksSmiling Yorkie

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Peanut Size, Big Fun — 19 Comments

  1. That’s MY granddog P’nut : ) and yes he always has that great big smile. He’s such a love and always brings out everyones smile wherever he goes. He’s Peanutty. GO PEANUT!! I love u! Grandma

  2. Wow Peanut! Are you sure you’re not part Bird-Dog? Looks like you have that duck is flying for his life! Lol
    You’re such a handsome boy, love your gorgeous smile! 😉