BB2 Harness

BB2 Buddy Belt

New from Buddy Belts, the BB2 harness! A synthetic leather edition available at a lower price than the premium leather Buddy Belts. This economical choice gives more dogs the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate harness. The BB2 features the same world-famous patented design that minimizes pressure on your pet’s neck and shoulders. It includes the same quality metal hardware, durable stitching, and signature bone charm that distinguish the original Buddy Belt. Same exceptional function and fashion, but made to suit any budget. Now available in all of the classic colors: … Continue reading

Firehouse Yorkies

Fire Engine Yorkies

Max and Teddy enjoyed the open house at our local fire station this past weekend. With the 90-degree heat, tongues were wagging! Teddy is unconcerned with the body in the street. His priority: marking the tree. Maybe Yorkies aren’t cut out to be rescue dogs. Join the BlogPaws Blog Hop … Continue reading

Peanut Size, Big Fun

Smiling Yorkie

This is our little friend, Peanut. He may be small, but he is a Yorkie who knows how to have big fun. He likes to chase ducks at the park.  We love his smile. Join the BlogPaws Blog Hop … Continue reading

Football Fans

Cute dogs cheer for Ravens

Our friends Sophia and Brody are big football fans. When their Ravens aren’t playing, they wear neutral “Rufferee” jerseys. Join the BlogPaws Blog Hop … Continue reading

Beauty and the Pit Boss

Pit Boss Shorty Rossi with dog

Our beautiful Yorkie friend Yazmin Devine attended the Cleveland Pet Expo this past weekend and met “Pit Boss” Shorty Rossi. Edit to add: Shorty is the star of Animal Planet’s “Pit Boss” tv series Look who is in the background sleeping.  Hercules! Yazmin spotted a cute Dachshund she wanted to meet. Join the BlogPaws Blog Hop … Continue reading

Yorkie Reaction to Miley Cyrus

Yorkie reacts to Miley Cyrus VMA performance

Yorkie Max’s reaction to the Miley Cyrus VMA performance Join the BlogPaws Blog Hop … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Wind in our Hair

Yorkies at the park, wind in their hair

 Max and Teddy enjoying their evening walk in the park, wind in their hair. Join the BlogPaws Blog Hop … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: If It Fits, It Ships!

Yorkie Mail

Max and Teddy having fun with the U.S. Postal Service slogan: If it fits, it ships! Join the BlogPaws Blog Hop … Continue reading

Small Dogs Can Do That

Yorkie running

Meet Nandi. He is not your average Yorkie. Defying small breed stereotypes, he recently earned his first AKC performance title in Coursing Ability. In lure coursing, the dog chases a mechanically operated lure, often a plastic bag. This competition was traditionally dedicated to sight hounds, but AKC now offers a pass/fail competition to all breeds. Nandi loves the outdoors and he loves to run. One of the requirements of the competition is completing the course “with enthusiasm and without interruption within a stated maximum amount of time.” Nandi was met … Continue reading

Bohemian Rhapsody Yorkies

Yorkies doing their best Wayne and Garth impression in the car with Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody on the radio. Galileo! Galileo! Join the BlogPaws Blog Hop … Continue reading