Rescue Yorkie Pickles

Rescue Yorkie named Pickles

We have a heartwarming story to share, the story of a rescue Yorkie named Pickles. This sweet little boy, barely 6 pounds and 1 year old, was found by animal control officers wandering the streets in Northern California. His leg was injured and he needed surgery. He was adopted by our friends and now lives the life we wish for every dog. Our friends already had a Yorkie named P-Nut and were looking to add to their family. After a few disappointing meetings between P-Nut and potential adoptees, they gave … Continue reading

Springtime for Dogs

Yorkies Max and Teddy as Easter Bunnies

We enjoyed a beautiful Easter Sunday with our Yorkies, Max and Teddy. They soaked up the sun and romped in the fresh green grass. They also humored us posing for pictures wearing bunny ears. Springtime for dogs is a time for renewal. After a long, hard winter that limited our outdoor activities, our Yorkies are eager to make up for lost time. Fresh air, sunshine, and an endless supply of fascinating new scents to sniff are invigorating for dogs. We wish you and your pets a very happy spring full … Continue reading

Bufo Toads Poisonous to Dogs

Dog poisoned by Bufo Toad

Bufo is the Latin word applied to a large genus of various toads. It is also the name commonly used for the giant Cane Toad or Marine Toad that is poisonous to dogs. Our friend in Hawaii recently lost one of her dogs to these dangerous toads. Meika was a beautiful girl and an energetic leader to her three sisters. She enjoyed playing in her backyard with an ocean view. Sadly, her curiosity and fearlessness led to her deadly encounter with the Bufo Toad. Bufo Toads or Cane Toads have … Continue reading

Yorkie Snow Lover: Action Jackson

Yorkie Jackson poses in the snow

We are so over winter here in Virginia, but winter is not done with us. Monday brought 8 inches of fresh snow. Our dogs were barely interested in going out to leave their mark in the white stuff. Our Yorkie friend Jackson embraced the day with great enthusiasm. We couldn’t resist sharing a few pictures of our favorite Yorkie snow lover: Action Jackson. … Continue reading

Dog Travel and Car Anxiety

Snoozer Dog Car Seat

Help your pet to enjoy going places with our tips to ease dog travel and car anxiety. Our Yorkie Max hated car rides as a puppy. His life with us started with a six hour road trip home from the breeder. Looking back, we wish we had taken a little time to let him get acquainted with us before heading out on the highway. The trip left a lasting impression. Max associated car rides with big changes. He feared where he was going next and whether or not he would … Continue reading

Buddy Belts Spring 2014

Buddy Belts Spring 2014

New Buddy Belts Spring 2014 colors! Get ready to enjoy warmer weather and longer walks with your pet using the ultimate soft leather dog harness. New colors include Blue Topaz, Ivory Croc, and the re-released Green Apple. Perfect for updating and expanding your pet’s collection of accessories. All three colors are available with matching leashes and the option of adding crystals. Sizes 1 through 10 to fit tiny pets and large ones. Buddy Belts has also reorganized and re-named the color collections. They are now known as the Premium collection, … Continue reading

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Yorkie looking at the snow

With most of the country in a deep, snowy freeze, I am reminded of the first time Max and I missed a walk. He loves snow and doesn’t mind the cold. But when the snow drifts grew taller than him and the wind chill dropped to dangerous lows, I had to say no. Join the BlogPaws Blog Hop … Continue reading

Yorkies the Night before Christmas

Yorkies the Night Before Christmas

Happy Christmas to all! Join the BlogPaws Blog Hop … Continue reading

Difficult Yorkie Models

Yorkie posing for pictures

My Yorkies are difficult models. ¬†They have their own agenda, especially outdoors. This is how a typical attempt at picture taking goes: Me: Max, look at the camera. How about if we turn around so that we have a better backdrop? Max: There is a squirrel. Fighting urge to chase it. Me: Max, watch me. Yummy treats! Max: Squirrrrrel. Max: Ohh, there is the mailman. I should go bark at him. Max: Are we done here? I don’t want to miss the school buses. Join the BlogPaws Blog Hop … Continue reading

Election Day Yorkies

Yorkies on Election Day

Yorkies Max and Teddy at the poll on election day. Flashing their best politician smiles. Join the BlogPaws Blog Hop … Continue reading