Isle of Dogs Grooming Products

Isle of Dogs Grooming ProductsA shiny dog coat and healthy skin start from within with a good diet and plenty of water. Maintaining and enhancing your dog’s coat requires great grooming products. Two champion dog breeders founded Isle of Dogs and produced a comprehensive grooming product line that is a favorite among dog exhibitors and professional dog groomers.

Isle of Dogs grooming products are based on the research of a British chemist who discovered the remarkable healing and restorative properties of Evening Primrose Oil and Royal Jelly in treating a dog with a skin disorder. A West Highland Terrier named Lucy lost 90% of her coat and was not responding to traditional therapies when her vet sent her to the chemist. After five weeks of treatment with the natural ingredients that became the foundation of the Isle of the Dogs line, Lucy stopped scratching and biting and her coat growth had almost returned to normal. The Isle of Dogs logo depicts the United Kingdom in honor of Lucy.

Cold-pressed Evening Primrose Oil soothes and heals, while Royal Jelly helps protect from damage, discourage shedding, and stimulate new growth.

Isle of Dogs offers a complete grooming system that includes shampoo, conditioner, conditioning brushing sprays, and odor neutralizers. See them in our boutique: Isle of Dogs Grooming Products >

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