Hurricane Preparation for Pets

Hurricane Preparation for PetsHurricane Sandy is tracking toward our home in Northern Virginia. ┬áThe potential “Frankenstorm” has the East Coast of the United States on high alert from the Mid-Atlantic States to New England.

As we brace for the storm, hurricane preparation for our pets is foremost in our minds. Hurricanes bring damaging winds, flooding and tornado threats, and in the case of Sandy, potential heavy snow. Lengthy power outages and house damage are major concerns. Prepare your dog, cat, and other pets, and help keep them safe and comfortable by assembling necessary supplies in advance.

Hurricane Preparation for Pets Checklist

Harness, Collar and Leash
When a threatening storm is overhead, we keep the harnesses on the dogs and the leashes within easy reach. Tethering your dog to you at the height of a storm may prevent your pet from being separated from you if the worst were to happen to your home.

ID Tags
Attach ID tags with your pet’s name and your contact information to your pet’s harness or collar.

Move your pet’s crate to the safest part of your home, either the basement or an interior room on the main floor, away from windows and doors. Cover with heavy blankets for extra protection. Place a couple of comfort items, a toy, blankie, or an article of your clothing, in the crate.

Emergency Pet Travel Bag
Put essential items together in a travel bag or carrier for your pet and place next to your pet’s crate.

Food and Bottled Water
Prepare at least a week’s worth of food in a water-tight container or baggy. Put the food and bottled water in the travel bag or carrier.

Records, Medications, and First Aid Supplies
Put your pet’s medical and vaccination records, microchip information, and medications (if any) in water-tight baggies into your emergency travel bag. Add first aid items including gauze pads, splints, hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting or inducing vomiting if necessary, white Karo syrup or Nutri-Cal for hypoglycemia, baby wipes, washcloths, and a pen flashlight.

Coat, Sweater, Outerwear
Temperatures are dropping and Hurricane Sandy may bring heavy snow. Include outerwear for your pet in your travel bag. We include the Thundershirt for our younger dog, Teddy, who is afraid of storms.

Piddle Pads
If your pet is pad trained, add piddle pads to your bag.

Stock Your Car
Consider putting a second set of all of these items in your car. Extra leashes, harnesses, collars and other items are always handy for your own pets and for helping other pets that you may encounter who have been separated from their families.

Be prepared and stay safe.


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