Firehouse Yorkies

Max and Teddy enjoyed the open house at our local fire station this past weekend.
With the 90-degree heat, tongues were wagging!

Fire Engine Yorkies

Teddy is unconcerned with the body in the street. His priority: marking the tree.
Maybe Yorkies aren’t cut out to be rescue dogs.

Yorkie at firehouse

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Firehouse Yorkies — 15 Comments

    • Teddy rescues me when I fall down, so I was surprised he and his brother were unconcerned with the mannequin. The lesson here might be to always carry treats in your pockets.

  1. Great shot in the fire truck. Teddy would get along great on a walk with our boys… the sky could fall but they would still be determined to mark on a pole or tree!

  2. Great firetruck photo! I’m not sure about yorkies as rescue dogs (I had a yorkie poodle mix once), although they can certainly be great at sounding an alarm!

  3. Max and Teddy, love these hansome guys! ❀ Excellent shot on the Fire Truck!
    Hmmm…option between injured man and tree?…the tree will win every time! Lol