Yorkie Snow Lover: Action Jackson

Yorkie Jackson poses in the snow

We are so over winter here in Virginia, but winter is not done with us. Monday brought 8 inches of fresh snow. Our dogs were barely interested in going out to leave their mark in the white stuff. Our Yorkie friend Jackson embraced the day with great enthusiasm. We couldn’t resist sharing a few pictures of our favorite Yorkie snow lover: Action Jackson. … Continue reading

Difficult Yorkie Models

Yorkie posing for pictures

My Yorkies are difficult models.  They have their own agenda, especially outdoors. This is how a typical attempt at picture taking goes: Me: Max, look at the camera. How about if we turn around so that we have a better backdrop? Max: There is a squirrel. Fighting urge to chase it. Me: Max, watch me. Yummy treats! Max: Squirrrrrel. Max: Ohh, there is the mailman. I should go bark at him. Max: Are we done here? I don’t want to miss the school buses. Join the BlogPaws Blog Hop … Continue reading

Firehouse Yorkies

Fire Engine Yorkies

Max and Teddy enjoyed the open house at our local fire station this past weekend. With the 90-degree heat, tongues were wagging! Teddy is unconcerned with the body in the street. His priority: marking the tree. Maybe Yorkies aren’t cut out to be rescue dogs. Join the BlogPaws Blog Hop … Continue reading

Beauty and the Pit Boss

Pit Boss Shorty Rossi with dog

Our beautiful Yorkie friend Yazmin Devine attended the Cleveland Pet Expo this past weekend and met “Pit Boss” Shorty Rossi. Edit to add: Shorty is the star of Animal Planet’s “Pit Boss” tv series Look who is in the background sleeping.  Hercules! Yazmin spotted a cute Dachshund she wanted to meet. Join the BlogPaws Blog Hop … Continue reading