Rescue Yorkie Pickles

Rescue Yorkie named Pickles

We have a heartwarming story to share, the story of a rescue Yorkie named Pickles. This sweet little boy, barely 6 pounds and 1 year old, was found by animal control officers wandering the streets in Northern California. His leg was injured and he needed surgery. He was adopted by our friends and now lives the life we wish for every dog. Our friends already had a Yorkie named P-Nut and were looking to add to their family. After a few disappointing meetings between P-Nut and potential adoptees, they gave … Continue reading

Springtime for Dogs

Yorkies Max and Teddy as Easter Bunnies

We enjoyed a beautiful Easter Sunday with our Yorkies, Max and Teddy. They soaked up the sun and romped in the fresh green grass. They also humored us posing for pictures wearing bunny ears. Springtime for dogs is a time for renewal. After a long, hard winter that limited our outdoor activities, our Yorkies are eager to make up for lost time. Fresh air, sunshine, and an endless supply of fascinating new scents to sniff are invigorating for dogs. We wish you and your pets a very happy spring full … Continue reading

Small Dogs Can Do That

Yorkie running

Meet Nandi. He is not your average Yorkie. Defying small breed stereotypes, he recently earned his first AKC performance title in Coursing Ability. In lure coursing, the dog chases a mechanically operated lure, often a plastic bag. This competition was traditionally dedicated to sight hounds, but AKC now offers a pass/fail competition to all breeds. Nandi loves the outdoors and he loves to run. One of the requirements of the competition is completing the course “with enthusiasm and without interruption within a stated maximum amount of time.” Nandi was met … Continue reading

Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day Sale for Dogs

Memorial Day Weekend Sale!  Save 20% on all designer dog clothes and accessories at W. Field’s Dog Boutique.  Summer dresses and t-shirts, colorful harnesses, carriers and more for your pampered pet. Enter coupon code SAVE20 at checkout.  Free shipping for orders $100 or more.   … Continue reading


Welcome to our blog. Meet our spokesmen Max and Teddy, modeling their Buddy Belts harnesses for our online boutique. These feisty, affectionate, and energetic terriers are our inspiration and have brought us together with many other dog families to form lasting friendships.

We have many articles lined up on topics ranging from our favorite things for dogs, a checklist of essentials for new puppies, dog training, grooming tips, traveling with pets, fashion for pets, and profiles of extraordinary dogs. We will also share news and special offers from our boutique.

Yorkies in Buddy Belts