Buddy Belt Fan

Yorkie Yazmin with her Buddy Belt collection

Our Yorkie friend Yazmin Divine is a big Buddy Belt fan. She has a collection of fifteen colors and counting! This pampered pooch loves fashion and fun.  The Buddy Belt harness gives her the comfort and style she wants when she is on the go. Yazmin’s mom appreciates knowing that her little girl is safe and secure in the Buddy Belt.  The unique patented design of the harness prevents strain from being placed on the neck or shoulders.  She also likes the comfortable leather handle on the coordinating leashes. When … Continue reading

Oscar Newman Dog Clothes, Luxury Pet Couture

Oscar Newman dog clothes, luxury pet couture, are world famous for their original designs and hand-detailing. None of Oscar Newman’s garments are mass produced. Once they sell out, they are rarely, if ever, reintroduced or duplicated. Pieces from previous seasons enter the fashion archives and become treasured items among pet parents. Those who missed out, scour dog boutiques hoping to find the desired sweater or dress left over in their pet’s size. Oscar Newman’s dog clothes are both elegant and comfortable. They are carefully crafted to have a natural ease … Continue reading

Ruff Ruff Couture Dog Clothes

Ruff Ruff Couture Dog ClothesRuff Ruff Couture of Beverly Hills was established in 2000 by former model and fashion television executive Jaimie Glasson Pergament. Inspired by her two rescued Italian Greyhounds, Pergament set out to design and produce the well-made, stylish clothes she wanted for her dogs but could not find. The Ruff Ruff Couture line includes dresses, tshirts, coats, sweaters, carriers and more. Made in the USA using high-quality cotton, velour, lace and trim, Ruff Ruff Couture features unique and fashion-forward designs for your dog. The designs range from the charming and whimsical, to the tailored and sweet, to the daring and edgy.

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Isle of Dogs Grooming Products

Isle of Dogs Grooming ProductsA shiny dog coat and healthy skin start from within with a good diet and plenty of water. Maintaining and enhancing your dog’s coat requires great grooming products. Two champion dog breeders founded Isle of Dogs and produced a comprehensive grooming product line that is a favorite among dog exhibitors and professional dog groomers.

Isle of Dogs grooming products are based on the research of a British chemist who discovered the remarkable healing and restorative properties of Evening Primrose Oil and Royal Jelly in treating a dog with a skin disorder. A West Highland Terrier named Lucy lost 90% of her coat and was not responding to traditional therapies when her vet sent her to the chemist. After five weeks of treatment with the natural ingredients that became the foundation of the Isle of the Dogs line, Lucy stopped scratching and biting and her coat growth had almost returned to normal. The Isle of Dogs logo depicts the United Kingdom in honor of Lucy.

Cold-pressed Evening Primrose Oil soothes and heals, while Royal Jelly helps protect from damage, discourage shedding, and stimulate new growth.

Isle of Dogs offers a complete grooming system that includes shampoo, conditioner, conditioning brushing sprays, and odor neutralizers. See them in our boutique: Isle of Dogs Grooming Products >

Buddy Belt Dog Harness

Buddy Belts

We never considered using a harness on a dog before Max, our first Yorkie, came into our lives. That is when we learned about collapsed trachea – damage to the windpipe – that can be caused by pulling on a leash attached to a collar. Small dog breeds are particularly susceptible to this ultimately fatal condition. We do our best to discourage our two Yorkies from pulling on their leashes, but it is hard to overcome their instinct to chase a squirrel or a rabbit. We tried a couple of … Continue reading