July 4th Fireworks and Dogs

July 4th Dogs

How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Calm During July 4th Fireworks Celebrating Independence Day July 4th is a fun-filled affair with backyard barbeques, picnics in the park and parades downtown. The daytime outdoor activities are a delight for dogs. Come nightfall, the fireworks can be a nightmare for some. Provide a Secure and Comfortable Place Some dogs respond to their fear of fireworks by bolting, running away from the perceived threat. Prevent your dog from going lost on July 4th. Keep your dog indoors in a secure, escape-proof place. … Continue reading

How to Groom a Yorkie

Yorkie Grooming

Learn the essentials of how to groom a Yorkie at home. Grooming at home saves money and is surprisingly easy with practice. Best of all, grooming strengthens your bond with your pet. Daily Basic Grooming Eyes Check eyes daily for stray hair and discharge. Use a wet cotton ball to clean the corners of the eyes if necessary. Use a flea comb with closely spaced teeth to separate the individual hairs and remove gunk. Dab with a dry cotton ball to remove excess moisture that can promote yeast growth and … Continue reading

Bufo Toads Poisonous to Dogs

Dog poisoned by Bufo Toad

Bufo is the Latin word applied to a large genus of various toads. It is also the name commonly used for the giant Cane Toad or Marine Toad that is poisonous to dogs. Our friend in Hawaii recently lost one of her dogs to these dangerous toads. Meika was a beautiful girl and an energetic leader to her three sisters. She enjoyed playing in her backyard with an ocean view. Sadly, her curiosity and fearlessness led to her deadly encounter with the Bufo Toad. Bufo Toads or Cane Toads have … Continue reading

Dog Travel and Car Anxiety

Snoozer Dog Car Seat

Help your pet to enjoy going places with our tips to ease dog travel and car anxiety. Our Yorkie Max hated car rides as a puppy. His life with us started with a six hour road trip home from the breeder. Looking back, we wish we had taken a little time to let him get acquainted with us before heading out on the highway. The trip left a lasting impression. Max associated car rides with big changes. He feared where he was going next and whether or not he would … Continue reading

Sago Palm Toxic to Dogs

Sago Palm is toxic to dogs

The Sago Palm is toxic to dogs. One of our online dog community members suffered a tragic loss this week after her 4-year old dog ate part of a Sago Palm seed. The entire plant is extremely toxic, but the seeds are the most lethal part of all. Safeguard your pets and take a moment to review a list of toxic plants. Study the pictures so that you can identify these plants in your dog’s environment. There are many common landscape and house plants in addition to the Sago Palm … Continue reading

How to Comb Knots Out of Dog Hair

Dog brushes and combs for getting out knots

Knots and mats in small dogs with long hair can be undone without hurting your pet or resorting to cutting hair.  Unless a dog’s coat has been severely neglected, safe detangling is possible.  Professional groomers are often too quick to cut and shave.  They don’t have the time to invest in combing out tangles and mats. My Yorkie boys are in full coat.  They are active dogs and always finding new ways to produce tangles.  Carpet surfing during games of fetch, running in dry grass on windy days, or simply … Continue reading

Cabin Fever: What is a dog to do?

Yorkie viewing blizzard

Icy temperatures, bitter cold wind, endless rain and snow. What is a dog to do?  Stuck indoors for days with overcast skies depriving us of sunlight, cabin fever becomes a big challenge. Lack of exercise and stimulation can lead to boredom and undesirable behavior, and it can cause stress that negatively impacts health. Our Yorkies Max and Teddy are remarkably hardy for small dogs who don’t have the benefit of an undercoat, but our recent weather has proved to be too much for them.  All of the doggy winter protective … Continue reading

Hurricane Preparation for Pets

Hurricane Preparation for Pets

Hurricane Sandy is tracking toward our home in Northern Virginia.  The potential “Frankenstorm” has the East Coast of the United States on high alert from the Mid-Atlantic States to New England. As we brace for the storm, hurricane preparation for our pets is foremost in our minds. Hurricanes bring damaging winds, flooding and tornado threats, and in the case of Sandy, potential heavy snow. Lengthy power outages and house damage are major concerns. Prepare your dog, cat, and other pets, and help keep them safe and comfortable by assembling necessary … Continue reading

Potty Training Small Dogs

Potty Training Small Dogs

My Yorkies do not know a lot of fancy tricks because I am a terrible trick trainer. We excel in other areas, namely potty training. Big dog people may laugh at the thought of boasting about a fully potty trained dog, but in the small dog world, this is a not-so-small achievement. Small dogs have a reputation for being difficult to potty train. I agree that small dogs often require a bigger investment in time, energy, and attention in this department, whereas larger dogs seem to be set for life … Continue reading

New Puppy Supplies

My Yorkie puppy Max

I thought I was prepared when I brought home my first puppy, a Yorkie we call Max. He proved me and the stack of books I read in advance wrong. Caring for Max was like having a highly mobile toddler. My family had dogs when I was growing up, but we adopted them as fully trained adults. They were larger breeds too. Our last one was an 85-pound Airedale. Going from the King of Terriers to the smallest of terriers, a barely 3 pound puppy, was a big change. Max’s … Continue reading