Buddy Belt Fan

Yorkie Yazmin with her Buddy Belt collectionOur Yorkie friend Yazmin Divine is a big Buddy Belt fan.

She has a collection of fifteen colors and counting!

This pampered pooch loves fashion and fun.  The Buddy Belt harness gives her the comfort and style she wants when she is on the go.

Yazmin’s mom appreciates knowing that her little girl is safe and secure in the Buddy Belt.  The unique patented design of the harness prevents strain from being placed on the neck or shoulders.  She also likes the comfortable leather handle on the coordinating leashes.

When Yazmin received her first Buddy Belt, Classic Black, her mom wrote to us: “Yazi and I went for a long walk and it felt great watching her walk briskly without gasping and choking as she has with her other harnesses. She was feeling pretty sassy and free! The BB design really puts my mind at ease!”

The only problem they have now is choosing which color to wear each day.  This has not stopped Yazmin and her mom from wanting more.  They look forward to Buddy Belt releasing new colors each season.

Yazmin enjoys exploring gardens and parks in her stylish harnesses.  Click the thumbnails:

See all of the current Buddy Belt Colors in our boutique. Read our Buddy Belt Review.


Buddy Belt Fan — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for featuring Yazmin wearing her favorite harness. Yazi’s first Buddy Belt was all about her comfort and safety, BB quickly passed that test!
    Our love for the design of the BB quickly blossomed into a color and fashion addiction that we’re very proud to wear!

    Thank you Kristin for being our BB representative,It’s a pleasure!

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