Buddy Belt Dog Harness

Buddy BeltsWe never considered using a harness on a dog before Max, our first Yorkie, came into our lives. That is when we learned about collapsed trachea – damage to the windpipe – that can be caused by pulling on a leash attached to a collar. Small dog breeds are particularly susceptible to this ultimately fatal condition. We do our best to discourage our two Yorkies from pulling on their leashes, but it is hard to overcome their instinct to chase a squirrel or a rabbit.

We tried a couple of harnesses and found that they were either too difficult to adjust to the proper size and a challenge to put on the dog, or they were too easy for the dog to escape, or the design failed to eliminate pressure on the neck. A good friend then showed us the Buddy Belt dog harness. We had our doubts because it looked so different than any other harness we had ever seen, but we were instantly won over when I put the harness on Max.

What makes the Buddy Belt dog harness so great?

Safety and Security
The unique patented design of the Buddy Belt eliminates shoulder and neck strain, preventing damage to the throat. Buddy Belt’s body-hugging design also prevents the dog from wiggling out of the harness.

Ease of Use
Putting the harness on the dog is a breeze. My 74-year old father appreciates this quality. He can put the Buddy Belts on the dogs easily and quickly.

The harness is light weight and conforms to the body. Our dogs enjoy the freedom of movement they have in the Buddy Belt.

Buddy Belts are handmade in Canada from premium leather and hardware. The harnesses are durable and withstand years of rigorous use beautifully. Being made of leather, they are not intended for full immersion in water, however.

The fashion-forward design draws attention and compliments everywhere we go. Buddy Belts come in a wide range of colors, with new colors released each season, making it easy for fashion-loving dogs to coordinate their harness with their mood, activities, and wardrobe.

Matching leashes, couplers, collars, and other accessories are also available to match all of the Buddy Belt harnesses.

Not just for little dogs
Buddy Belts come in 10 sizes for pets weighing 2 pounds to over 100 pounds.  Buddy Belt customers include miniature pot-bellied pigs!

Inspired by Buddy, a miniature dachshund, and created by his mom, Roxanne Pettipas, this innovative harness has it all. We not only love the Buddy Belt, but we appreciate the wonderful group of people that make up the company behind this product.

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Buddy Belt


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